Tamika Scott; final member of the Multi-Platinum, Multi-Million Dollar Tour Selling group XSCAPE, to release a solo musical project! Inner thoughts, emotions and convictions, are on full display from Tamika with her powerful new 6 song EP, “Family Affair”! Featuring 5 original songs and 1 R&B classic. Her penetrating voice will engulf your love of song! Delivered with broad vocal range, power, and a message of reassurance that everything will be fine! Lead single, “Go Outside in The Rain” is a passionate tribute to the song itself and the original artist Milira. Tamika has been singing this song since she was a teenager. Coupled by a duet with Q. Parker of 112, “All of Me”, produced by RL of NEXT & B-Flat. This love songs captivates! Tamika’s favorite song is “Almost Over”! Written by Scott, it features her Husband/Partner, Darnell Winston and describes the hope during a dark, life-threatening period in her life! “I wrote this song to offer hope!”, states Tamika! The video captured the essence of people going through and coming out and believing in the victory! “Reflections”, offers a self-reflective perspective with her daughters Oshun Love and Young Niyah (Princess of the South). Life always makes us ask, “What Was I Thinking”? Scott shares her story to the reason for this question being asked! “Family Affair” is available at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and other digital platforms.